Hollowcore Flooring



Precast Finishes

or Honed
The classic everlasting finish using diamond grinding to produce a high lustre finish.

Create a look that exposes the aggregate using high pressure grit blasting.

Acid Etched
Imitate fine sandstone finishes using a diluted acid wash treatment.
Create a face densely packed with aggregate using a retarding agent to remove the sand-cement matrix.


Stone Faced
Match natural stone buildings using an integral casting technique to anchor the selected stone.
Textured/ Form Lined
Replicate any finish using specialist mould relief patterns including synthetic form liners.


Smooth Off Form
Create a beautiful smooth finish using a wide range of colours cast face down in quality steel moulds.























Each of the above finishes will be affected by cement colour, Aggregates, Oxides, Age and Ambient Curing Temperature, which can produce some variation to the desired result. Plan to select a range of shade or colour to suit your specification at the outset. Refer National Precast website for 'Precast Concrete Handbook 2009'




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