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Lavarack Barracks

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Lavarack Barracks
Completed: 2001
Location: Townsville
Material: Coloured and grey walls, honed floors, coloured broom finish balcony slabs
Panel Type: 72 Three Storey Buildings, 992 Accomodation Units, 4162 Precast Panels
Products: Structural
Uses: Total Solution
Notes: A total precast solution to providing high quality, durable accommodation for armed forces based in tropical Townsville. The size and remote location of the project involved setting up a new factory in Townsville for the manufacture of the 4162 precast panels. The 72 buildings were erected progressively along the 2 km long barracks over a 12 month duration which represented construction of 4 units per day, significantly quicker than what would have been possible with traditional insitu construction.

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