Polished or Honed Finish

Precast Concrete Finish


Polished Aggregate Finish

Polished precast, often known as reconstituted granite, is the “Rolls Royce” of precast finishes. The term reconstituted granite comes from using crushed granite aggregate in the concrete mix, graded from the coarse aggregate size right through to dust, then polishing the cured panel to expose an attractive, highly polished face.

Other types of aggregate may be suitable for use in a polished finish but the harder the aggregate, the higher level of polish that can be achieved. Precast Concrete has vast experience using a wide range of aggregate sources from all over the country that are suitable for this prestige finish.

The process involves grinding approximately 3mm off the face of the concrete surface with a diamond grinder, then over a series of steps with different grades of carborundum abrasives polishing the exposed aggregate to a full polish.

Honing refers to a level of grinding that exposes the aggregate but only utilizing the first few stages of the polishing process, usually finishing with a 300 grit finish.