480 Queen St Brisbane



Brisbane, QLD

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About The Project

Originally designed in insitu concrete, Grocon elected to change the basement levels were changed to a precast hollowcore solution to expedite the program out of the ground and get the tower up and running faster.

After an intense and successful shop drawing phase involving a number of meetings with the consulting engineers, the precast band beam and hollowcore solution was developed at a great pace. Within weeks manufacture was able to commence in the factory and installation started on site soon afterwards.

Not only was the precast solution faster to build, the clear spans with no propping allowed services trades to commence their works much earlier than traditional methods.

To simplify the carpark ramps, the precast walls were cast with sloping corbels to the exact geometry of the ramps. This allowed extremely fast construction of the complex geometry with immediate access for subsequent trades.

The builder was also impressed with the clear spans, uncluttered site, reduced foot traffic on site and the general safety that the precast solution delivered.