Brisbane Riverside



Brisbane, QLD

Completion Date



Brisbane City Council


About The Project

Eagle Street Pier is an iconic waterfront precinct with world-class dining venues and unrivalled views of the Brisbane River.

Firmly established as one of Brisbane’s favourite food and entertainment destinations, Eagle Street Pier is the perfect place to meet for drinks or cocktails at the casual riverside bars. It is also an ideal place to head for lunch, thanks to the many cafes and espresso bars.

Producing structural precast concrete for garden beds at Eagle Street Pier in Brisbane involved a manufacturing process that starts with designing and engineering the garden beds to meet the specific requirements of the site. The concrete mix is then prepared using high-quality materials and cast in molds, with steel reinforcement added for strength. The precast concrete panels are then cured in controlled conditions to ensure optimal strength and durability.

Finally, the panels are transported to the site and installed in the designated location, where they are then filled with soil and plants to create a lush and attractive garden bed that can withstand the harsh environmental conditions of the Brisbane riverfront. The design of the precast concrete garden bed edging also seconds as a seating option for patrons who work in the area. With its low maintenance requirements, structural precast concrete is an ideal choice for creating beautiful and functional garden beds at Eagle Street Pier in Brisbane.