Carnes Hill Recreation & Community Precinct



Carnes Hill, NSW

Completion Date



Kane Constructions

About The Project

The Carnes Hill Recreation & Community Precinct project is aimed at accommodating the increasing growth of the area and meeting the social, cultural, and recreational needs of its growing population.

Stretching across a 70,000m2 site, the project includes an indoor recreation centre (including gym), library, public plaza with a water feature and public art, skate park, children’s playground, outdoor multipurpose sports courts (tennis/basketball/volleyball), community centre, picnic area, café, half-court basketball courts, cycling and walking paths and parking for the facilities.

The façade features a striking facetted pattern moulded in the precast and GRC panels. The majority of the facade comprises precast panels sitting on the foundations spanning to the roof. However, in some areas the panels terminate at the head of the louvres and are supported on structural steelwork. In these solutions we engineered a solution utilising lightweight GRC panels instead of conventional precast. This significantly reduced the size of the supporting steelwork.

As shown on this project and numerous others, Precast Concrete’s decades of experience in high quality finishes results in a completely seamless appearance between the precast and the GRC panels. They both look identical.

Precast Concrete can replicate the full range of precast concrete finishes in GRC, enabling designers to best utilise the properties of both materials in the same project.