Chau Chak Wing Museum wins 2021 Kevin Cavanagh Trophy

In 2021, the Concrete Institute of Australia was pleased to receive 34 entries which were submitted around Australia in all categories.

The Kevin Cavanagh Trophy

The Kevin Cavanagh Trophy for Excellence in Concrete is a prestigious industry award, which is granted to the overall winner judged from all categories on the basis of being an outstanding contribution to the quality of concrete construction in Australia, clearly demonstrating an outstanding level of excellence above all other entries.

The 2021 winner of the Kevin Cavanagh Trophy is the Chau Chak Wing Museum by FDC Constructions, JPW, Northrop and Mahaffey Associates. The winner was from New South Wales and was entered in the Commercial Buildings category.

The Chau Chak Wing Museum at The University of Sydney is the result of meticulous planning over several years, bringing together collections from the Nicholson, Macleay, Power, and University Art collections.

Chau Chak Wing Museum - Gallery 04

The decision to use concrete as the primary construction material for the Museum was a straightforward one. It offered the advantage of integrating structure and cladding, streamlining the engineering process and simplifying construction. Every aspect of the concrete construction was carefully considered, from prototyping and concrete mix designs to reinforcement detailing, post-tensioning, and pumping strategies. A range of innovative and custom construction techniques were devised and implemented to create the Museum’s most remarkable feature: a large, seemingly floating concrete “Box” resting on a podium of glass and sandstone.

Concrete plays a prominent role throughout the Museum, from the tinted precast elements in the lower section of the building to the intricately cast-in services on the Entry level, and ultimately, the elegant cantilevered box itself. It blends seamlessly into the design, both prominent and gracefully unobtrusive. This timeless construction project is intended to withstand the test of time, just as the University envisioned, ensuring its endurance for generations to come.

National Awards for Excellence in Concrete – 2021 Winners

Winners of Awards for Excellence from each state were judged in their separate categories for an overall category winner. The winner received a Medallion for Excellence in Concrete and an accompanying certificate. From those entries receiving a Medallion for Excellence in Concrete, one was judged to receive the Kevin Cavanagh Trophy for Excellence in Concrete and an accompanying certificate. National awards were presented at the Institute’s 2021 Virtual Conference on 7 September 2021.

Residential Buildings – Balmain House submitted by Partridge Structural

Commercial Buildings – Chau Chak Wing Museum submitted by FDC Constructions, JPW, Northrop and Mahaffey Associates

Infrastructure Projects – New Grafton Bridge submitted by Aurecon, Fulton Hogan and Transport for NSW

Repair & Rehabilitation – HMAS Stirling Redevelopment submitted by GHD and Duratec

Technology & Innovation – Guide to Concrete Construction submitted by CCAA

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